Jason & Kristen

Had an incredible experience with Thomas & team! On top of being incredible people, they are incredibly good at their job. Thomas did a great job directing my wife and I, and we never felt like certain shots were forced. The flow was very natural and the finished product was stunning.



Brittany & Aaron

I know there are many talented videographers out there but I'm pretty confident that Thomas tops them all. For starters, he is warm and friendly. In the midst of my pre-wedding jitters, I reached out to shake Tom's hand when first meeting him and he just went ahead and gave me a hug. It's pretty symbolic of how he is throughout the entire day - there and supportive but allowing the day to unfold -- and capturing all of it like you wouldn't believe. He made our lives so easy and many people told us after seeing our film that they hadn't even known that there were cameras capturing all of it.

Really, I can't say enough good things. He perfectly captured the magic of our wedding day and provided us with such an amazing gift of reliving those memories. His music pairings are superb, the way he frames the cuts is incredible, the moments he sees and captures are so special, and everything else is top-notch too. 



Joyce & Jae

Regardless of wedding style, if your desire is to capture the romance, love and fun of your wedding + personal story, I HIGHLY recommend Thomas Wedding Cinema as your pick! My husband and I were just awestruck with the level of accuracy in which Thomas captured the essence of our wedding day, as though he completely understood without any explanation. 

We are constantly impressed as we see all of the other films Thomas has produced, and took note of the fact that they are not tied to just one style, but rather the highest of quality in all that they do. 

While perusing through random wedding videos, by chance, my fiancé (at the time) and I stumbled upon one of Thomas' short films and immediately fell in love. There was no question that we HAD to have Tom and his team shoot our wedding day. However as we researched a bit more, we discovered that they were based in California…and our wedding was going to be in South Florida. I sent their website to all of my bridesmaids and even some vendors to help us find a videographer with similar aesthetic and quality. After a full month of going through countless sites, it was made crystal clear that we were not going to find anything quite like Thomas produces. There was something about the way the story was told, that was incomparable from the rest. I can tell you first hand that our investment proved to be completely worth it..and so much more!