As a lifelong artist Thomas has worked in many mediums from drawing & painting to music and design. While earning his degree at San Diego State University he fell in love with filmmaking and decided to make a career out of it shortly after graduating in 2008. With no formal training at his disposal, his best form of practice was on friends and family. Having shot several weddings of friends and experiencing the excitement of documenting real life events, emotions, and stories, it was a natural fit to create a wedding film brand. Thus, Aqua Vivus Productions was born in late 2008. 

Within just two years his business became a full time endeavor and he began training assistant videographers to help meet the growing demand. Before long the business had over 50 bookings a year and was becoming a much larger studio than he ever intended. Deciding that wasn't the direction he originally set out on, he has since returned to his original vision and is setting out on a new path - Thomas Wedding Cinema. By taking on less projects every year he can focus entirely on you - each couple is attended to personally by Thomas from start to finish. From responding to your initial email and pre-wedding meetings, to filming, editing, and delivering the email with your video link - he will be there. Please inquire below to learn more about what he can offer you.